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Category: Jamaica travel tips

Photography Tips for Couples in Jamaica

Thursday, Mar 7, 2024

Embarking on a romantic getaway to Jamaica is a dream come true for many couples. The sun soaked beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture create the perfect backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments with your loved one. In this blog post, we'll explore some photography tips and recommendations to help you seize the essence of your […]


Montego Bay Airport Tips

Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023

Take the stress out of travelling with our Montego Bay airport tips Although there are two international airports in Jamaica, Montego Bay airport is by far the busiest, welcoming over three million passengers per year. UK and Irish travellers have been able to avail of direct flights to Montego Bay for many years from Birmingham, Gatwick and Manchester. There are also now flights available on selected dates from Glasgow and Stansted direct to Montego Bay.


Best Time to Visit Jamaica

Thursday, Sep 7, 2023

In this blog we advise you on the best time to visit Jamaica Let’s face it, there is one main reason why tourists continue to visit Jamaica – the weather. The good news is that when the weather is at its coldest in the UK and Ireland, the weather is at its best in Jamaica. Surely that’s a good a reason as any to start packing your bags? Read on to find out more about when is the best time to visit Jamaica.


How to Stay Fit on Holiday

Monday, Mar 13, 2023

How to stay fit on holiday at Couples Resorts It can sometimes be difficult to stay fit and healthy while on holidays but at Couples Resorts it couldn’t be easier. Our four beautiful resorts have countless exercise options and numerous healthy food choices for you to enjoy. Whether you want to relax or explore, there are activities to suit everyone. In this blog we share some advice for how to stay fit on holiday!


Is Jamaica Safe for a Holiday?

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021

A common question we hear from travelers is, ‘Is Jamaica safe for a holiday?’ The answer is YES! In fact, Jamaica is more affected by negative media about safety than it is by crime. However, when going on holiday it is always wise to be safe and to take some precautions. At Couples Resorts we want to ensure that you are left with the best memories possible following your holiday, which is why we have compiled the following information for you.


Top 5 Reggae Bars in Jamaica

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Reggae is known as the heartbeat of Jamaica. The music genre is synonymous with both hardship and celebration and is central to Jamaican culture. If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, a visit to a reggae bar is a must-do! With so many great options around the island to choose from we decided to […]


Christmas Traditions in Jamaica

Friday, Nov 22, 2019

What are the Christmas Traditions in Jamaica? From non-stop festivities to family gatherings, Christmas in Jamaica is a tropical time of colourful celebrations and merriment. And, like many places around the world, Jamaica boasts its own unique Christmas traditions that must be seen to be believed! Here are the top Christmas traditions in Jamaica. Junkanoo street parade Originating from Jamaica’s rich African heritage, Junkanoo takes place on Christmas Eve and is a traditional street parade.


Best Beaches in Ocho Rios

Friday, Oct 18, 2019

Located on a half-moon shaped cove, the city of Ocho Rios is one of the most popular areas in Jamaica to experience tropical beaches at their finest. With the city being known for its plethora of breath-taking beaches, it can be difficult to decide which sandy scene you and your other half should visit. Read on to find out the best beaches in Ocho Rios to make you and your loved one’s holiday that bit more special:


Couples Negril vs Couples Swept Away

Friday, Aug 23, 2019

Are you and your loved one planning an extraordinary getaway to Negril, Jamaica? Do you want to make sure you pick the perfect Couples Resort to suit your every want and need? Well, we’ve got you covered! Read on to hear all about Couples Negril vs Couples Swept Away to ensure you choose the perfect resort for your Jamaican escape. Couples Negril vs Couples Swept Away Couples Negril Couples Negril is our most intimate resort.


Jamaican Independence Day – How Jamaicans Celebrate Independence Day

Thursday, Aug 1, 2019

Jamaicans celebrate Jamaican Independence Day on the 6th August each year. The period leading up to the day is crammed with activities and parties celebrating Jamaica’s independence – because one day of celebrating simply isn’t enough! Ever wondered how Jamaicans celebrate Independence Day? Read on to learn all about its history and how it’s celebrated. How Jamaicans Celebrate Independence Day History Jamaica is celebrating 56 years of Independence this year, and the island is ringing in the milestone with seven days of festivities, which commence on Emancipation Day on 1st August and run until Independence Day on 6th August.