Is Jamaica Safe for a Holiday?

is jamaica safe for a holiday

A common question we hear from travelers is, ‘Is Jamaica safe for a holiday?
The answer is YES! In fact, Jamaica is more affected by negative media about safety than it is by crime. However, when going on holiday it is always wise to be safe and to take some precautions.
At Couples Resorts we want to ensure that you are left with the best memories possible following your holiday, which is why we have compiled the following information for you.

Staying Safe on Your Holiday

If you are planning to go to Jamaica, make sure that you stay within the grounds of your resort whenever you can. Resorts have private security and gates to ensure no one enters the premises who shouldn’t be there.

is jamaica safe for a holiday

However, if you are planning to venture out to local neighbourhoods, a best practice would be to go on a guided tour. This limits any chance of getting lost and wandering into areas that are considered less safe.

Guided tours are typically offered through your resorts, so be sure to ask your concierge any questions that you may have!

Safety Tips for Your Holiday to Jamaica

When travelling to a foreign destination, including Jamaica, it is always wise to employ the same precautions that you would back home.

is jamaica safe for a holiday

Here are some extra recommendations that we have compiled for you to keep in mind on your holiday:

  • Read up on local laws and practices prior to your arrival
  • Keep your belongings in view at all times
  • Do not carry around large amounts of cash
  • Avoid wearing any expensive jewellery

All in all, Jamaica is a country that is too beautiful to pass on! From stunning beaches to breathtaking waterfalls, it really has it all. There are plenty of safe places to visit within the country itself. As always, use your common sense to know what areas and activities you should avoid!

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