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Our Resort Policies

Find out everything you need to know about Couples Resorts. From resort credits to cancellation terms to our Best Deal Guarantee, it's all right here.

Our Policies

Couples Resorts accommodates adults only, couples only, and guests must be 18 years of age or older to book and stay at any of our resorts.

A minimum length of stay requirement applies which can be changed at any time for any period.

Accommodation photographs are only a representation and not actual room floor plans.

Rates and Special Offers Terms & Conditions

Savings vary based on resort, room category, and travel dates. Minimum savings are reflective of price compared to the least expensive accommodation amongst all four Jamaica resorts during similar date range. Actual savings could be substantially more depending on resort and room category actually received. Sample rates shown may not represent current prices because our real-time pricing is constantly updating availability. Prices are based on 2 adults in one room and can vary by selected day of check-in, length of stay, hotel selected, hotel room category, and availability. Rates include service charges, taxes, gratuities, round trip transfers between Sangster International Airport (MBJ) and the resorts and more.


  • Room category upgrades upon arrival (subject to availability)
  • Spa and salon
  • Private dinners
  • Photos and photo packages from resort photographers
  • Telephone charges
  • Wines
  • Gift shop
  • Romance packages
  • Night snorkeling


  • Scuba, including PADI-certification and night dives
  • Casino tokens or costs related to the casino
  • Off-site excursions
  • Arts, crafts, jewelry, and hair braiding from outside vendors
  • Private transfers
  • Private cruise
  • Mandatory $500 vendor fee for outside photographers
  • Wedding or Vow Renewal ceremony related fees
  • Payment & cancellation policies

Cancellation Policy

HOTEL: Cancellations up to 46 days prior to arrival will not incur any penalties. Cancellations received within 45 days of arrival will incur penalties of 100% of the hotel price. Deposits are non-refundable.

OPTIONAL ITEMS: Tours, spa treatments, or other optional items are payable in full at the time of the booking, however they are refundable up to 15 days prior to arrival. Cancellation of optional items within 14 days of arrival are non-refundable.

AIRLINE TICKET*: Airline tickets are non-refundable. All changes are subject to the airlines rules and conditions and fees will apply. Name changes are not allowed.

*Couples Resorts is not responsible for airline unconfirmed segments. If such situation arises, Couples Resorts reservation staff will work with the guest and the airline representative to resolve the issue. If an alternative flight and pricing is not acceptable, the airline ticket will not be issued and collected payment will be refunded. There is a short delay between the time the booking is made when the credit card is charged and when the airline ticket is issued. Some airlines may require instant purchase. In some very rare occasions airfare may increase between the time the booking transaction was completed and the airline ticket is actually issued. Couples Resorts is not responsible for airline fare increases. If such situation arises, Couples Resorts will negotiate a rate adjustment, however, if unsuccessful, guests will be advised they may pay the fare increase or cancel the booking. The ticket will not be issued and collected funds will be refunded.

Hurricane Policy

How to Stay Up-to-Date
In the event of an imminent hurricane, Couples Resorts will post regular advisories on the Couples website and social channels to inform guests of the travel dates covered by the Hurricane Policy. If a guest’s travel date is not specified, standard cancellation/no-show penalties will apply. Couples Resorts utilizes the official website of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (, to determine projected path and strength probabilities. If a storm has been declared a hurricane and the resorts/destination appear within the "Cone of Influence" on the 3-Day Tracking Map, the following policies and procedures will apply.

In the event of a hurricane, each guest should consult with his/her airline and travel agent that booked the stay or call 0207 749 9285 for more information.

The safety and well-being of all of our guests at Couples Resorts is of the utmost importance. Please be assured that the resort management and staff have the training, resources, and experience to enable our guests to weather any storm.

We strongly advocate the purchase of travel insurance in order to minimize any potential financial loss as Couples Resorts is under no legal obligation to offer any form of compensation related to any storm event. The following policies below are offered as a gesture of goodwill and without prejudice. This applies to the hotel portion of the stay only. All airline related questions and policies should be directed to the appropriate carrier.

Arriving Guests
For arriving guests, penalties will be waived and options are as follows:

These guests will receive a stay credit (hotel only) and can elect and may chose to arrive within 30 days after the storm has passed, should the rate be higher, guests may be asked to pay the difference between original arrival date and new arrival date. In this case, Couples Resorts will make every effort to confirm the dates and original room category. Couples Resorts is not responsible for airline fees.

Alternatively, these guests can receive the same stay credit (hotel only), but may stay for fewer nights and will receive a hotel credit valid for travel October 5 through December 15 of the current year, or July 15 through December 15 of the following year, for the number of nights not used (subject to availability at the resort). Couples Resorts is not responsible for airline fees.

The airline portion for each guest’s package is non-refundable. If a guest is unable to travel, he or she must contact the airline to avoid "no show" penalty. Otherwise, his/her air credit is valid up to one year from the date his/her airline ticket was issued. Most airlines will have fees to rebook – this will be at the guest’s own expense.Hotel portion: Subject to same cancellation rules listed above (See “Payment & Cancellation Policies”).

On-Property Guests
For guests on property who feel the need to depart early:

Penalties may be waived and guests may receive a stay credit (hotel only) for travel July 15 through December 15 of the current year or July 15 through December 15 of the next year for the number of nights interrupted. This needs to be booked through the same channel as the original reservation. Couples Resorts is not responsible for airline fees.

For guests on property if the resort is damaged and remains closed for an extended period of time:

Guests may elect to stay at one of the other available Couples Resorts locations at the same rate and, if available and comparable room category. Should this option be utilized, no further compensation will be offered. Couples Resorts is not responsible for airline fees.

Alternatively, guests can elect to receive a stay credit (hotel only) and postpone their arrival for more than 30 days after a storm has passed. In this case, Couples Resorts will authorize a full room credit for travel November 5 through December 15 of the current year or July 15 through December 15 of the next year. Couples Resorts will guarantee the original rate (and category, if available) regardless of travel date. Couples Resorts is not responsible for airline fees.

For guests on property who are forced to extend their stay due to storm related flight delays.

Couples Resorts will charge a distressed traveler nightly rate per room per night for each extended night, to be paid upon departure. Couples Resorts is not responsible for airline fees.

Travel Insurance

Third Party Providers
If a guest has products and services provided by third party suppliers included in his/her vacation, such as airline tickets, car rentals or vacation insurance:

Please contact these parties, as he/she may be responsible for any non-refundable payments, cancellation or change fees assessed by those suppliers.