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Category: Couples Swept Away

Couples Resorts Staff Spotlight: Michell Brown

Wednesday, Jun 4, 2014

It’s not just the lively music, mouth-watering food, tropical climate, amazing sunsets or sandy beaches that keep visitors returning to the tropical Caribbean Island of Jamaica; rather some say it’s the people. Couples Resorts owns and operates four all-inclusive resorts which provides employment for more than 1,600 staff. One such team member is Michell Brown, who has been a housekeeper at Couples Swept Away for the past 12 years. Originally from Kingston, Michell currently resides in Jericho, Hanover with her partner of twelve years.


TripAdvisor lists Couples Swept Away in 10 Sunsets

Sunday, Nov 10, 2013

Jamaica is known for many things; reggae, rum, laidback vibes and some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sunsets. Negril is a perfect setting to witness such natural splendor and indeed the place boasts some of the most spectacular sunsets. The orange hue of the Negril sunset is unique, superb, and unlike any other when compared with other places in the world. The dusky orange rays fill the sky at 5pm and the dazzling golden sun descends on the horizon casting a hazy glow across the island.


New Sandwiches at Swept Away’s Veggie Bar

Thursday, Sep 5, 2013

Three new sandwiches have been added to the Veggie Bar menu at Couples Swept Away. Now all you need to do is eat them! Are you looking for some new delicious and meat-free treats? Well, if you’re planning a holiday at Couples Swept Away you’re in luck! The Veggie Bar at Couples Swept Away has added not one, not two, but three new sandwiches to their already delicious list of fruit and vegetable foodie delights.