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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Jamaica - Couples Resorts

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Jamaica

Monday, Sep 14, 2020

Pack your holiday full of activity with the top Jamaica tourist attractions

As a holiday destination, Jamaica has it all. Beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and unforgettable tourist attractions. In this blog, we help you get ready for your holiday as we run through the top 5 tourist attractions in Jamaica.

Dunns River Falls

Dunn's River Falls is one of the top tourist attractions in Jamaica and one of the island’s national treasures. Just a stone's throw from Couples Tower Isle and Couples Sans Souci in Ocho Rios, these stunning waterfalls are visited by thousands of tourists every year and offer a relaxing and fun way to spend a day.

Along with a guide, visitors can climb up to the top of the falls to get up close and personal with nature, and not to mention get some remarkable views. The climb normally takes about 90 minutes and there are photo breaks throughout. Unwind after at the beach or relax in one of the many natural pools.

Mystic Mountain Jamaica

Located next to Dunn's River Falls is Mystic Mountain Jamaica, rated one of the top tourist attractions in Jamaica. Offering something for all ages, it's easy to see why it is so popular.

Hop aboard your cable car at the base of the mountain and travel to the top, all the while fawning over the most beautiful views that Jamaica has to offer. Once you reach the top of the mountain you can then choose a number of different activities to partake in.

If you are a fan of the movie 'Cool Runnings' then you will love Mystic Mountain. Jump inside your bobsled and 'feel the rhythm' as you speed downwards through the lush rainforest. You will definitely want to try this more than once!

For the extremely adventurous there is also the option of getting strapped in and channelling your inner Tarzan as you zip-line from tree-to-tree through the rainforest. This activity is suitable for both young and old and is a fantastic way to create fun and lasting memories during your time in Jamaica.

Top Jamaica Tourist Attractions - Couples Resorts


For the party people among you who would like to let your hair down, a trip to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville will be just what the doctor ordered! Located in Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios, Margaritaville offers good food, tasty drinks and music that will get you moving – the perfect combination for a day in the sun! Located beach side,

Margaritaville also boasts impressive water slides – perfect for releasing your inner child.

Rick's Café

No trip to Jamaica is complete without a visit to the iconic Rick’s Café. This famous watering hole one of the top tourist attractions in Jamaica, and it’s no surprise why. Located on the West End Cliffs, close to both Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away, Rick’s Café is the perfect spot to take in the jaw-dropping Jamaican sunsets.

Its premier location on the naturally formed cliffs has become a gathering spot for tourists and locals who flock to watch the sun go down every evening. Pop along for some drinks and food and experience the ultimate laid-back dining experience.

Top Jamaica Tourist Attractions - Couples Resorts

Black River & YS Falls Tour

Boasting intriguing history and breath-taking natural pools, the Black River and YS Falls Tour is the perfect activity for tourists visiting Negril.

The tour consists of a scenic drive through forested mountains before hopping on to a boat to explore the tropical haven of Black River. Enjoy a boating adventure, drifting downstream and embracing all that Jamaica's jungles have to offer – keep your eyes peeled for ancient mangrove swamps and crocodiles! Finally, relax and complete your trip with a glorious dip in the natural pools of YS Falls.

Thank you for reading our blog ‘Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Jamaica’. Are you dreaming of an unforgettable holiday? Contact Couples Resorts and start planning the holiday of a lifetime to Jamaica today.