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Why Couples Return to Couples Resorts Year After Year - Couples Resorts

Why Couples Return to Couples Resorts Year After Year

Friday, Jul 5, 2024

Couples Resorts have cultivated a dedicated and loyal following over the years, with many guests returning time and time again to experience the magic of these beautiful Jamaican destinations. Karen Rochetta and her husband Paul Ellis are perfect examples of this loyalty, having visited Couples Resorts 38 times, with a total of 32 of those visits spent at their favourite, Couples Sans Souci (CSS). We interviewed them to find out the reasons behind their repeated visits and why so many couples keep coming back to Couples Resorts.

Couples Sans Souci

The Initial Attraction

For Karen and Paul, the spark was ignited by the stunning beach at Couples Swept Away (CSA) in Negril. "Initially it was the beach in Negril at Couples Swept Away, then we were looking for an au naturel option, which brought us to CSS," Karen recalls. The unique combination of a beautiful beach and the addition of an au naturel option at CSS drew them in.

Natural Beauty and Special Experiences

Couples Resorts are known for their breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty. Karen highlights the lush landscapes and secluded spots at CSS: "The lush landscape with so many nooks and crannies to explore, the beauty is hard to describe." This enchanting environment offers couples the perfect backdrop for romance and relaxation.

When asked about their most cherished experiences at the resort the couple highlights the Thursday night bonfire on the beach. "It’s a very special and romantic experience," Karen says. Additionally, the Friday night gala at CSS, complete with elegant buffet stations and entertainment, is a highlight that showcases the resort's dedication to creating unforgettable moments.

Kirk Bariffe AKA ‘Captain Kirk’

Memorable Interactions and Lifelong Friendships

Over the years, Karen and Paul have built strong bonds with the staff at Couples Resorts. "Our best way to describe this is the staff we’ve got to know over the years and are like family to us," Karen shares. These deep connections have transformed their vacations into family reunions, where they are greeted with warmth and genuine care.

They've also celebrated numerous special occasions at the resort, including their wedding vow renewal. "We renewed our vows there; one of our favourite employees at the resort attended and has since passed away. He will always be in our hearts," Karen remembers fondly. These personal interactions add an irreplaceable dimension to their stays.

view of a bar area at night from a window with two white shutters open

Exceptional Service and Hospitality

The level of service at Couples Resorts is a standout feature that keeps guests returning. "We’ve never encountered more dedicated and wonderful staff, who go out of their way to make your holiday the best…every time," says Karen. The no-tipping policy ensures that staff provide exceptional service purely out of dedication and passion for their roles.

Unique and Romantic Dining Experiences

Dining at Couples Resorts is an experience in itself. For Karen and Paul, breakfast at CSS is a daily highlight. "Breakfast is our favourite meal of the day at Couples Sans Souci. It’s the most peaceful and relaxing place, with beautiful views of the sea," Karen shares. The presence of Carol, the singing egg lady, and John Davies, the violinist, adds a unique touch that makes breakfast a special and romantic moment.

Exceptional Accommodation

The accommodation at Couples Resorts is designed to offer comfort and luxury. CSS recently underwent extensive renovations, ensuring that all rooms and public areas are up to date. "We always stay in one particular building as we love the views from the rooms and the large balconies with table and double loungers, so decadent," Karen notes.

Music away

Celebrating Jamaican Culture and Community

Aside from great views, and exceptional service Couples Resorts also offer a rich cultural experience. "They celebrate their culture on Monday night with entertainment and always celebrate special holidays in Jamaica. Jamaican people are very warm and welcoming," Karen explains. This celebration of local culture enhances the overall experience and allows guests to connect more deeply with the destination.

For Karen and Paul, Couples Resorts has become a second home. "We are greeted each and every time by name, with hugs, and we just can’t wait to get back every time," Karen says. The combination of natural beauty, exceptional service, and deep personal connections makes Couples Resorts a place where couples can create lasting memories and enjoy romantic getaways. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a returning guest, Couples Resorts offer a unique and enchanting experience that keeps couples coming back year after year.