Making the extraordinary extra special.

  • Manager’s Cocktail Party

    Every Monday by the Aura Lounge at 6:30pm, the Hotel Manager invites you to mix and mingle with fellow guests.

  • Repeat Guest Dinner

    If you’ve stayed at Couples Swept Away before – or at any of our other resorts – come to the repeat guest dinner and meet friends old and new. We’ll deliver your invitation to your room. Monday evenings at the Patois Bar terrace.

  • Honeymooner’s Party

    Celebrate your new life together in style with other honeymooners every Wednesday at 6:30pm in Aura Lounge.

  • Shipwreck Beach Party

    Every Friday at 9:15pm, join other couples for delicious local food and premium-brand drink at our famous Shipwreck Party, down on the beach. Dance the night away under the stars.

  • Saturday Lobster Night

    What our chefs don’t know about preparing all manner of lobster dishes isn’t worth knowing. They’re fresh, cooked to perfection in every style imaginable and all restaurants serve lobster when it’s in season between July and March.

  • Beach Bonfire

    Curl up with a blanket and a lounge chair at our beach bonfire and soak in the smooth sounds of acoustic guitar and melodic love songs every Wednesday at 10:30pm.