Extra Special

That special something. That thing to bring magic to the occasion. Don’t worry. We’ve thought of it all.

So now, you know you need to look no further for the ultimate wedding experience. But have a look at these enhancements that will make your unforgettable day even more memorable.

  • Flowers

    Flowers in the window. Flowers in the aisles. Flowers in the hair. Bouquets of flowers for the bride and the bridesmaids. Our flower arrangements are simply exquisite using local, fresh blooms that can transform occasions into one-off events..See More

  • Music

    “If music be the food of love…” There’s no ‘If’ about it. To set the mood for your wedding, honeymoon party or ceremony, we can draw on a wide range of talented groups, bands – Jamaican, jazz, classical or pop. You whistle the first few bars, we’ll find a band that can do the rest..See More

  • Photography

    Everyone can take photos these days… But then there are people who take photos, and then there are photographers. We use experienced, professional and entertaining photographers and videographers to capture the moments of your day that will stay with you forever..See More

  • Reception

    Every single one of your guests will be thoroughly and professionally looked after. From the moment they get here, they’ll be treated like nothing other than royalty. Cocktails by the beach at sunset, beautiful local delicacies and memories to treasure forever..See More

  • We go further

    We can add additional finishing touches to make your stay even more wonderfully romantic. To discover more about the optional extras we offer, just click below..View Options