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Couples Sans Souci

Saturday, Sep 29, 2012

Tiny Turtles Travel To Sea…

Earlier this month we saw Lesworth Johnson- Grounds and Environmental Manager at Couples Sans Souci, Ocho Rios take an audience of 100 plus visitors along the beachside to watch over 110 beautiful baby turtles, hatch and venture out into the Caribbean Sea. "It was one of the most amazing and heart-warming experiences to witness…" said one visitor who was staying at Couples Tower Isle.

As Lesworth created an opening for the little reptiles to push through; the sound of "aww-ing" and "ooh-ing" could be heard filling the air. Click to watch the video.

The golden sands of Ocho Rios have recently seen a rise in the number of Green and Hawksbill sea turtles which are described as ecologically and functionally extinct. Theses amazing little sea-creatures are fully independent right from birth and can go on to live for around 50 years. It's sad to think that in a few years' time this species of tortoise may not be around, to learn more or provide a safe sanctuary for these tiny paddlers click here:

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Established in 1949 as Jamaica's first extravagant holiday resort, founder Abe Issa pioneered the 'all-inclusive' concept combining luxury, with romance for all round value. Catering to wedding parties, honeymooners, those looking to re-live their romance or taking a spontaneous escape; Couples offers an indulgent and bespoke break in a tropical haven. Couples Resort is still very much a family run business, which can be felt within the warm hospitality and charming characteristics in each of the four resorts.

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Your all-inclusive holiday encourages you to explore the azure waters of the Atlantic, with free Scuba diving and reef snorkelling amongst other aquatic activities; you'll be amazed by the colourful underwater world.

With endless opportunities, Jamaica thrives as both a cultural hub and marine-life institution, start an adventure of your own and explore one of the World's most stunning destinations visit our website: and delight in a true taste of the exotic with a Couples Resort holiday.