Introducing our Romance Concierge

The secret’s in the planning

There’s no doubt that your stay at Couples Resort will be blissfully romantic, but we can add services and facilities to make the special, extra special. Imagine taking breakfast at sunrise on the beach. Or going on an exclusive romantic night cruise. How about an afternoon of oceanfront massage? Everything’s here to make your trip to Couples Resorts the trip of a lifetime. Contact us in advance – we’re ready to help you.

  • Ideas for gifts

    Whether you’re proposing, getting married or on honeymoon, we have a wide range of enticing gift ideas that will delight your life partner.

  • Around the island

    Jamaica is an exotic and thought-provoking island. We’re happy to arrange romantic and interesting excursions so you can really get to know the place.

  • Our Spas

    Each of our Couples Resorts has award-winning spas to help you relax and unwind. Immerse yourselves in total luxury.

  • Out on the water

    A trip to a Couples Resort wouldn’t be complete without taking advantage of the pure azure warm, tropical sea. We have a range of watersports facilities available from the relaxing to the thrill seeking.

  • A touch more romance

    Add the finishing touches to make your stay at Couples Resort even more romantic and special.