The therapy of massage

We have a wide range of expert and professional massage therapies to restore your mind and body to a relaxed and balanced state. Our treatments range from invigorating to relaxing, from Bamboo Fusion Massage to traditional Swedish massage.

  • Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Massage

    This is a deep tissue massage coupled with stretching and direct pressure applied to specific areas of the body. Helps to release toxins and kill stress and tension.
    55/85 minutes

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Here is a combination of traditional Swedish massage coupled with a choice of essential oils to reduce stress, detoxify and rebalance your body.
    25/55/85 minutes

  • Swedish Massage

    The classic. The mother of massages. Get rid of aches and pains and float away for the rest of the day.
    25/55/85 minutes

  • Bamboo Fusion Massage

    You might not have heard of this but it combines traditional massage techniques with the application of heated rods of bamboo. Great for removing stress and tiredness.
    55/85 minutes

  • Deluxe Massage (four Hands)

    Drift away to another galaxy with our luxury four-handed massage. It’s specially synchronised to leave you feeling refreshed and energetic.
    55 minutes

  • Hot Stone Massage

    You’ve seen it in the magazines. You’ve heard about it. Now try it. The hot stone massage is something to be experienced to be believed.
    55/85 minutes

  • Reflexology

    Reflexology is the ancient artform of massage that involves applying pressure to your feet in different areas that correspond to the organs in your body. Apart from being radically relaxing, it’s said to be incredibly good for you.
    25/55 minutes

  • Stress Relief Massage

    Here we concentrate on the areas of your body that are known to harbour stress and tension; the upper back, neck and shoulders.
    25 minutes