Treat your body

Bodily restoration, revitalised spirit and deep, sincere comfort. Our body treatments are unrivalled, worth the trip on their own.

  • Peppermint Sea Twist

    Rid your body of excess fluid and toxins with this exclusive bodywrap comprising freshly harvested seaweed and invigorating peppermint. Eases aching muscles, too.
    50 minutes

  • Seaweed Body Nourish Wrap

    This comes from the European tradition known as Thalassotherapy whereby your body will be wrapped in a nourishing combination of fresh seaweeds. As your body enjoys the nourishment, you’ll also receive a relaxing and healthy scalp massage. Best followed by a steam shower.
    50 minutes

  • Body Scrub & Polish

    For this treatment we use a selection of fine grains to leave you positively glowing. Dead skin cells are banished leaving purer, beautiful skin and stimulated circulation. After the scrub, our therapists will add moisturiser and emollients to complete the treatment.
    45 minutes

  • Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

    Say goodbye to rough and dry hands with our speciality hand rejuvenation system. Our beauticians will exfoliate your hands with mineral-rich sea salts and then apply a seaweed-enriched mask for ultimate softness, followed by a moisturising massage. It’s luxurious, opulent, even.
    25 minutes