Best places to eat jerk chicken in Jamaica

Monday, Jan 29, 2018

best places to eat jerk chicken in Jamaica

Jamaica is known for its succulent dishes, but it is the Jerk chicken which is the star of the show. Jerk chicken takes its name from a unique seasoning made from hot peppers, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and thyme. The flavour is unique and can be added to pork or just about any other meat you would prefer. Jerk is wonderfully spicy food but can be served in many ways. Whether you add fuel to your culinary fire by applying bonnet sauce, a wet marinade for a juicier meat or a dry marinade for a more traditional, crispier jerk, you are guaranteed to want to come back for more!  In addition to the numerous restaurants at Couples Resorts, these are the best places to eat jerk chicken in Jamaica.


If you are staying in Ocho Rios you must stop at Scothies. This eatery is recognised for its authentic and scrumptious food – more specifically it’s jerk chicken.  It serves typical, genuine and drop-dead delicious jerk chicken. Whole chickens (or if you rather freshly butchered pork), are all heavily drenched with jerk sauce and spices before it is wonderfully smoked over the fire. Locals make up half of the clientele at Scotchies which is a good sign of quality at a Caribbean restaurant.

Cabana Grill

best places to eat jerk chicken in Jamaica

Situated at Couples Swept Away is the famous Cabana Grill. Specializing in jerk chicken, this grill is the perfect place to stop by during a day out on the beach. The restaurant is located near the main pool area. You and your loved one can enjoy a casual dining experience while enjoying the finest served jerk chicken at this resort. With its comfy bar and table seats, you and your other half can watch your chicken crisp while you hang out under the warm Caribbean sun.

Murray’s Fish and Jerk –  Jerk Chicken in Jamaica 

If you want a tasty lunch or dinner, Murray’s Fish and Jerk in Ocho Rios is the place to go. Their chefs make up some of the best jerk chicken dishes in Jamaica. This beach grill is positioned on the cliffs, so you and your loved one can have magnificent views and optional diving after lunch. The jerk chicken is plentiful and is so tender it melts in your mouth. Don’t miss it!  If you’re feeling brave, you can add some bonnet hot sauce made from the infamous Caribbean red pepper. Jerk chicken can’t be beaten from an authentic jerk restaurant in Jamaica.

Make sure to stop off at a local store or your hotel gift shop and pick up some ‘Eatons’ marinade so you can recreate this delicious meal once you return home! This will keep your jerk chicken cravings at bay until your next visit to Couples Resorts.

The food in Jamaica really is something special and Jerk Chicken is a traditional dish everyone should try.  Do you have a favourite Jamaican dish? Tweet us @Couplesuk and let us know!